February 18, 2018

What are you going to do with this opportunity?

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We are living in exciting times.

We are connected with each other in ways we could never have imagined, even just twenty years ago. Our ability as creators to interact with our audience and the way in which the two can shape that creation is continually changing and evolving at a rapid pace.

Wait, hang on a minute, at least one person predicted this future. Watch this video of David Bowie attempting to explain to a thoroughly bemused Jeremy Paxman back in 1999 how the internet was going to impact the arts.

Well, I should just finish right here, shouldn’t I? What more needs to be said?

Except, whenever I watch this video I still smile at Paxman’s utter befuddlement during this part of his interview. I expect he thought they might just be talking about music. Oh no, Bowie never just talked about music.

Anyway, here we are, living in that time that Bowie predicted nineteen years ago.

So, what are you going to do with it?

Yes, you.

You there, living in the most exciting time in this planet’s history. You have at your fingertips the ability to reach out to the biggest audience imaginable and, even more importantly, not just entertain that audience, or speechify in front of it, but you can interact and actually have a conversation with the individuals who comprise your audience.

Bowie’s not the only one who saw the future. Amanda Palmer was using email to keep in touch with her fans way before email marketing became the thing to do. And, to be fair, Palmer didn’t use her email as a marketing tool, she used it to have a conversation.

So, you there. Yes, I’m back to talking to you.

What are you going to do with this opportunity?

Watch cat videos?

Glue yourself to your smartphone to keep up with the latest viral YouTube videos?

Gorge yourself on computer games?

Lose hours and hours of your life to the popularity competition that is Facebook?

The internet is your master right now. You need to take back control.

Think what you can do with this opportunity to connect.

  • You could write a novel or two or more and publish them.
  • You could write and perform songs and upload them.
  • You could blog.
  • You could start a movement.
  • You could make a film and upload it.
  • You could gather people together to meet in real life and do something remarkable.
  • You could teach.
  • You could inspire.

The possibilities are pretty much endless. It’s up to you what you do.

Don’t sit there passively consuming.





Ken Preston

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