The Blackwood Hills Horror

The Blackwood Hills Horror, a new horror novel from Ken Preston
Who will survive The Blackwood Hills Horror, and what will remain of them?

Teenager Mary Strohkirch lives a miserable, lonely life under the harsh regime of her father and the Mount Zion Church of the Austere Baptists.

But then one freezing winter night she is enticed out by popular college girl Carrie Williams and her friends, with the challenge of spending the night in the ruins of The Blackwood Hills Asylum.

Once inside, shadowy figures begin to appear, and it becomes clear that they are not alone. The group soon realizes that the asylum is home to a group of bloodthirsty creatures, desperate to claim their next victims.

With no way to call for help and nowhere to run, the friends must fight for their lives against the unspeakable horrors that lurk in the shadows.

But as the night wears on, and the teens are picked off one-by-one, secrets are revealed that change everything.

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The Blackwood Hills Horror

Welcome to Blackwood Falls!

Welcome to Blackwood Falls, a picturesque American town nestled at the foot of the majestic Blackwood Hills. This idyllic town captures the essence of post-war America with its charming streets, close-knit community, and natural beauty.

Do the Ghosts of the Blackwood Hills Asylum Stalk the Streets of Blackwood Falls?

‘What are you doing here?’ Hawk said.

‘Got called up in case she goes wild and tries something stupid.’ Scanlon massaged his beefy hands. ‘I get to hold her down while the nurses deliver the kid.’

The lights flickered, threatening to plunge everyone into darkness. A sudden rain started battering the windows, and drumming against the roof.

Hawk licked his lips. The inside of his mouth had dried out, tasted metallic, like blood. God, he needed a drink right now. The sounds of Audrey grunting and panting turned his stomach. But there was something else disturbing him. Making his skin crawl. A sense that they weren’t the only ones here, that they had been joined by an other-worldly presence of some kind. A creature that could slip between dimensions, through paper thin cracks in the membrane that separated worlds.

Hawk ran his fingers through his hair.

You’re talking bullshit, you surely are. Get a grip, man.

‘Push, Audrey! Push!’

Audrey snarled, whipping her head from side-to-side, snapping her teeth at the nurses surrounding her.

The lead nurse looked up, sweat streaming down her face. ‘Mr. Scanlon, we need your help!’

Grinning like he’d just won the lottery, Scanlon got on his knees on the floor with the other nurses and pinned Audrey’s hands down, one either side of her head. She screamed in his face and spat at him.

Scanlon shook his head and blinked furiously. ‘Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!’

‘Hold her down, Mr. Scanlon!’

‘The bitch spat in my eyes!’

Audrey growled as she stared at Scanlon.

The Blackwood Hills Horror

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ARC - Advance Review Copies

Wow, what a ride.

 Very engaging tale that the reader slips into right away. Mary is an awkward teenager, a loner with no friends. Her father does not believe she needs any, just her church and her bible. Until the night a small group of schoolmates come by and convince her to come with them on an adventure.

One not all of them are going to survive.

I enjoyed this book. There are quite a few reviews I have read on other books that state "could not put it down". Well, I'm going to say that here. The Blackwood Hills Horror was very difficult to put down. I carried it with me in case I had a few spare moments to snatch a chapter or two and before I knew it , I was done.

Great little horror read.

I received a free ARC of this book and am voluntarily leaving my honest review of the tale.

Cat Blyth

Death, Ghosts, Ghouls and more

A retro vibe, creepy, run down American town, with the obligatory abandoned lunatic asylum. A terrible tragedy closed it down 60 years before.

In come the vile group of annoying hormonal teenagers sweeping poor, vulnerable Mary forward. Forcing her to visit the terrifying asylum. Aaaarrrghhhh!

Cue - scares, death, gore, being trapped, copious amounts of ghosts/ghouls, gruesome experimental surgery and underlying haunting pasts being unravelled.

Gaynor Daly

The Blackwood Hills is an idyllic place to live, where everyone knows your family and looks out for you.

Best place to raise your family back in 1963.

The only blip on the horizon is The Blackwood Hills Asylum run by Professor Freeman. He runs the asylum as he sees fit. Using extreme measures to control his patients.

When a woman comes into his care with no known name he decides to call her Audrey. After being there a couple of months it becomes obvious that she is pregnant but with no idea who she is and the father to her unborn child and with Audrey becoming more and more violent she is caged.

One of the guards looking after the patients, Grady Hawk doesn't have any empathy towards the patients, especially Audrey who will shout and scream two words over and over again 'Blood Wolf!'

On his night shift Audrey was being louder than normal and was disturbing the other caged patients until he realised that her waters had broken. Nurses were called in to help restrain her and give birth to a healthy baby boy, but in the aftermath she kills another fellow guard and all hell breaks loose.

Present day and Blackwood Hills is more like a forgotten town. Nobody wants to live there after what happened in the asylum but some people still remain.

Reverend Kane had taken over the church from his father and with his small congregation including Saul Strohkirch and his seventeen year old daughter Mary, he tries to keep the evil at bay. But when he tells Saul something about his past things change forever.

Mary was never popular at school and when her one 'friend ' begs her to go out with her and her friends Cameron, Todd and Kirsty she refuses but with Carrie's relentless persuasion she gives in.

Little did she know that they planned to stay the night at the abandoned Blackwood asylum.

Something has awakened the evil that has been locked away for so long within the walls of the asylum. Who has the power to unleash the devil and who will succumb to the depths of hell?

Allison Valentine

Hard to put down

This novel has a certain quality to it that makes it hard to put it down. At times it had me second guessing where the story was going to go because the lines were blurred between who was actually good or bad.

After thinking on it a bit I came to the conclusion that the whole novel was meant to be something that would be chilling, viscerally moving, and speak to all the horrors the mind is capable of conjuring in the dark.

It may not be my specific cup of tea but I'm sure other readers, especially those that love this kind of horror, will enjoy this one immensely.

Chelsea Richards
Blackwood Hills Horror
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