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Season one was a brutal kick in the teeth and seasons two and three continue to deliver, except this time even after waking up in city hospital after a visceral gut stomping there's no respite. Joe and the gang will continue to mete out Ken's unique style of literary curb stomping and in your face gritty prose.
If you like your vampires all angsty and sparkly - go look elsewhere. There's no sparkle in this book, but it is a diamond!

Joe Coffin Season Two

Joe Coffin won’t stop until he has found his son

His little boy is out there somewhere, alone, scared, and craving blood. If Coffin can find him and catch him, he just might be able to save him. But Coffin doesn’t realise he’s being hunted too, by a father out for revenge for his son’s murder.

Reporter Emma Wylde is getting deeper in with The Slaughterhouse Mob

Emma knows she is crossing a line, mixing with killers and gangsters, but how else is she going to get the story of a lifetime? But this time she is going too deep, and she might never find her way back out.

Steffanie Coffin is building an army of vampires

With the ancient one, Merek Guttman, by her side, Steffanie knows nothing can stop her.

Joe Coffin and Emma Wylde are reunited in their fight for answers, but neither of them truly knows what they are up against. Even if they get out of this alive, life will never be the same for either of them.

Joe Coffin Season Three

Homeless people are disappearing off the streets of Birmingham. Vampire dogs are stalking the city.
But fresh out of jail, Joe Coffin’s ready to do what he does best; kill some vampires.

Joe Coffin is ready to take back the The Slaughterhouse Mob, but the problem is the club is full of vampires and his dead wife is in charge. Emma Wylde is on the trail of a murderer, but wherever she turns she is faced with another bloodsucker ready to feast on her. The Seven Ghosts are out on the streets, peddling their highly addictive and dangerous drug, The Black Serpent.

Add Stump and Corpse into the mix, along with betrayals and an explosive climax, and you’ve got another blood-soaked, thrilling read in the Joe Coffin series.

Looking for Walter newhouse

An exclusive Joe Coffin story, only available here.
Everyone’s looking for Walter, and if he isn’t found soon, someone’s going to pay. With their blood.

Ray Pearce is a down on his luck boxer, taking dives for money and trying to stay out of trouble. Unfortunately for Ray, trouble’s always just around the corner.

Ray never meant to take Walter Newhouse’s wife Cora to bed, but that’s what happened, and now Walter’s gone missing and Cora wants Ray to find him.

It turns out, Ray’s not the only one looking for Walter Newhouse, and when you put The Slaughterhouse Mob, Danny ‘The Butcher’ Hanrahan, an ex-wrestler by the name of Johnny Thunderbolt, and a witch into the mix, Ray Pearce’s day starts to get a little more complicated.

And deadly. 

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