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It seems everyone (well, almost everyone) loves a good, scary story at Halloween. There is something delicious about being able to snuggle up with a scary book, or switch on the television and watch one of those ghost stories the BBC used to be so good at making.

Even better is the idea of gathering a few friends and family together, turning the lights down low, ideally in front of a roaring fire while the weather turns nasty outside, and telling each other ghost stories.

I guess that’s where many of the urban legends we hear originated from, the idea that we love to be scared. Adding the possibility that some of these stories might actually be true maybe gives them an added frisson.

Of course many of these urban legends are utterly ridiculous.

Like this one . . .

A young couple in a car run out of petrol at nighttime in the middle of nowhere. The boy decides to walk back to the nearest town to get help. A few hours later, long after he should have returned, the girl begins to get anxious about her boyfriend. And then she hears a steady tapping on the car roof, directly above her head. Too scared to move, she sits in the car and waits for morning but the tapping continues throughout the night. When she finally does leave the car in daylight she find the tapping noise is the steady drip of blood onto the car roof, from her boyfriend’s murdered body hanging from the tree branch over the car.

Ridiculous, right?

But a great story to tell out loud, with a few embellishments, on a dark and blustery Halloween night, nonetheless.

I love ghost stories in particular, and I can still remember my sister’s boyfriend scaring me witless when I was young and they used to babysit me, by telling me a story about a couple of graverobbers and the gruesome fate that met them one night. A few years ago I took what I could remember of that story, and wrote my own version.

I’ve included it below as a PDF for you on Halloween night. Before reading it, I recommend you turn the lights down low, pull your chair a little closer to the fire, and make sure all the doors and windows are locked.

Mrs De Runtzens Jewels

And if you enjoyed that story, I have more scary short stories for you in my collection Population:DEAD! and other weird tales of horror and suspense.

You can get it for free on kindle and epub, along with the first in my Joe Coffin series of vampire books, by clicking the link below.

Get Your Free Book

Enjoy Halloween.

And don’t forget to check in the wardrobe for any masked axe murderers before you turn the lights out.

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