Joe Coffin Season One

Book One of the Gripping Joe Coffin Series

A gangster out for revenge.
Joe Coffin is fresh out of prison, but going straight is the last thing on his mind. While he was inside his wife and young son were brutally murdered, and now it’s time for payback.

A reporter after a career making story.
Emma Wylde is investigating notorious Birmingham gang The Slaughterhouse Mob, and knows she is on to something big. But now her source, Steffanie Coffin, is dead, and Emma is afraid she might be next.

Missing Children.
Jacob and Peter never expected to find anyone in Number 99, an old, rotting house on the edge of town. But now Peter has been murdered, and Jacob is being kept prisoner in the cellar by Joe Coffin’s dead wife.

Soon Joe Coffin and Emma Wylde will become unlikely allies in a fight against a growing horde of vicious vampires invading Birmingham. But will either of them survive long enough to find the answers they are looking for?


I couldn't make myself put this book down! Joe Coffin is definitely not your typical hero but wow great story with lots of interesting characters and plot twists. Can't wait to read Joe Coffin Season Two!

deborah smith

A nonstop, heart-in-mouth, no-holds-barred, supernatural thriller, JOE COFFIN SEASON ONE is also rife with complex character evolution, deep thought processes, emotional highs and lows--and oh yes, gore, violence, sensuality, profanity, and vampires.  JOE COFFIN SEASON ONE is a vampire thriller, but I don't think you'll find anything like it in any other vampire story, no matter how well done.

haunted reader

Preston immediately draws you into his story, and his writing is very realistic. (You feel as if you are a part of the story, as if it could actually be true.)
Preston is also a Master of suspense! (There are several "hold-your-breath" moments.)
I also enjoyed the names of each chapter, and I hope to see more of Mr. Corpse & Mrs. Stump - two very intriguing side-characters.

jason e berry

Abel Mortenson lay on his back on the blood-drenched carpet. It had been a nice carpet, not so long ago. Clean. Soft to the touch. Patterned in shades of beige. A nice, ordinary, middle-class carpet.

Just like the nice, ordinary, middle-class couple who owned it.

Now it was dark red, and sticky, and the tiny cabin was filled with the coppery smell of freshly spilt blood.

Joe Coffin Season One

The Plot

A vampire on a murder spree. A hitman out for revenge. How hard can it be to kill the undead?

While Joe Coffin served his time in prison, someone spilled his family’s blood. But when the massive hatchet man takes out the killer, something about his vengeance feels completely off. He never expected his suspicion would reveal corpses sporting the marks of a ruthless vampire.

As local children start to disappear, Coffin teams up with an ambitious reporter to get to the bottom of the deadly mystery. Out of his depth against a supernatural powerhouse, he’s unsure any amount of killing could’ve prepared him for the fight. But he’s willing to put it all on the line when he discovers his wife and son might not be as dead as he first thought…
Can Coffin stop the carnage before more bloodsuckers rise from the grave?

Joe Coffin, Season One is the first book in a brutal vampire thriller series set in the British underworld. If you like hardcore characters, page-turning suspense, and gory crime mysteries, then you’ll love Ken Preston’s supernatural horror thriller.

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