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I have news. Not particularly important or interesting news, but I thought one or two of you might want to know.

I’m putting this blog on hold for a while.

I’ve been struggling for a couple of months now to keep putting content up every week, and it’s starting to suck the life out of me.

And it seems like I have a squillion other tasks demanding my attention.

Squillion is a word by the way.

So yes, this blog is going to lay down and have a rest until the New Year at least.

But I’ll be back.

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  • Julian White


    • Ken Preston

      See you soon!

  • Michelle Francik

    Thank you for letting us know. I hate when people just disappear without a word. Do what you need to do, have a great holiday season, and we”ll see you soon! Thanks again!

    • Ken Preston

      Thank you! Yes, after two years of blogging every week, I thought it best to tell everyone I was stopping, just for a little while at least. 🙂

  • Beverly Laude

    No problem! We will see you on the flip side!

    • Ken Preston

      Thanks Beverly!

  • Mary

    Until the next time xx

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