October 22, 2017

Last Sunday the Zombie Apocalypse Arrived

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Last Sunday afternoon, Zombies invaded my hometown of Stourbridge. To be fair, there had been a few weeks’ worth of warning. Posters had been up in our local quirky, coolest venue in town, Claptrap, asking for zombie volunteers for a music video shoot. But still, if you weren’t in the know, it must have come as quite a shock when the zombies actually arrived.

Zobie line up

Being the opportunist that I am, I took the . . . erm . . . opportunity of a bunch of zombies hanging around town to grab myself a new author profile photograph. For a long time now I have wanted to recreate the Dawn of the Dead publicity shot of director George Romero standing amongst a shambling horde of rotting dead, the director gazing up into the camera as though there was nothing wrong.

The trouble is, you can never find a ragtag band of zombies when you need one.

Except there are other days when you can.

The video shoot was for Ian Passey of The Humdrum Express, and he was very generous in letting me pinch a few minutes of his valuable time. After all, he did all the hard work of setting this up and I just piggybacked on it in that opportunistic way I mentioned earlier. I did hang around and help out holding back traffic later on when the zombies left Claptrap and invaded Stourbridge.

Health and Safety even applies to zombies, don’t you know?

Anyway, here I am addressing the assembled horde of zombies and looking like I know what I’m talking about, whilst Ian stands in the background looking on and Nick J Townsend, who was filming and editing the video, gets ready to take my photograph.

And here is the finished photograph which, I have to say, I am very pleased with.

Thanks Ian and Nick!


Ken Preston

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