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Somedays it seems like I just love giving stuff away. Because here I am again, and guess what? Yup, I’m giving stuff away.

But not just any old stuff.

Nope, when it comes right down to it, in the history of stuff that I have given away, this is a whole new category of stuff.

Because I know how you feel. I feel the same.

EVERYBODY, or at least everybody who writes for a living, is giving away an ebook. Sometimes two or three or four.

And it’s tempting to think, meh, ebooks are easy to give away. After all, it doesn’t cost a single penny to give away an ebook. Doesn’t even take any effort.

(Except for all of the blood, sweat and tears that went into writing the damn thing! But that’s another story, another blogpost.)

So I got to thinking, what can I give away that has value attached to it that people can relate to? Especially people who love reading.

A Kindle, of course.

But not just any old Kindle.

How about a Kindle Paperwhite?Kindle Paperwhite

Now, I’d love to give you all a Kindle Paperwhite, I really would, but you know us writers, we’re poorer than a Southern sharecropper on hard times after a year long drought, when the locusts have swarmed over what meagre crops he managed to eke out of the hard soil and ate them all up.

And no, I’m not exaggerating.

So, I’ve only got the one Kindle Paperwhite to give you.

Which means I’m going to have to draw names out of a hat.

This is the deal, then. Click on the link below to go to my Kindle Paperwhite Giveaway page. Then, all you have to do is answer a super easy question, and pop your email address into the box before December the 9th.

Yes Please I want a Kindle Paperwhite!

And that’s it!

Except, and this is the really cool part, if you share my giveaway, and those people enter, you will up your chances of winning 3x for every person who enters.

Oh, I almost forgot, which is crazy because this part is even awesomer (and yes, awesomer can be a word if I want it to be, okay?) but EVERY single person who enters gets a free ebook copy of Joe Coffin Season One.

Free Joe Coffin Book

So what are you waiting for?

If you want a Kindle Paperwhite, go click that link now!

Yes Please I want a Kindle Paperwhite!

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