Joe Coffin Season Two

Book Two of the Gripping Joe Coffin Series

Joe Coffin won’t stop until he has found his son
His little boy is out there somewhere, alone, scared, and craving blood. If Coffin can find him and catch him, he just might be able to save him. But Coffin doesn’t realise he’s being hunted too, by a father out for revenge for his son’s murder.

Reporter Emma Wylde is getting deeper in with The Slaughterhouse Mob
Emma knows she is crossing a line, mixing with killers and gangsters, but how else is she going to get the story of a lifetime? But this time she is going too deep, and she might never find her way back out.

Steffanie Coffin is building an army of vampires
With the ancient one, Merek Guttman, by her side, Steffanie knows nothing can stop her.

Joe Coffin and Emma Wylde are reunited in their fight for answers, but neither of them truly knows what they are up against. Even if they get out of this alive, life will never be the same for either of them.

Continue the Joe Coffin series with book two and get ‘…ready to enter into a gory, non-stop thrill ride, with lots of crime thrown in,’ today and discover why readers are buying Joe Coffin Season Three as soon as they have finished.

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Gripping second instalment of the Joe Coffin series. As with the first book it is fast-paced, with not a dull moment. The characters are interesting and described well which enables the reader to imagine the story being played out.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as I did the first, and couldn't put it down. I would recommend this series. Eagerly looking forward to the next one!


Season 2 starts straight after the events of season 1.
As I’m picturing the scenes in my head it really does feel like I’m binge watching it on Netflix.
More blood. More gore. More vampires and more Joe Coffin......onto season 3!!
I’m so glad I found this gem of a series.


I’m usually not much on vampire stories since they are mostly silly. Not this series. Be ready to enter into a gory, non-stop thrill ride, with lots and lots of crime thrown in. You’ll need to read beginning to end with the lights on and your doors and windows locked tight.
Just remember, you do need to read Season One first since Season Two starts right where One ends. Now I am ready for Season Three.


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Coffin imagined them rising from the dead at that moment. Seeking him out, ready to sink newly sharpened teeth into his neck.

Coffin continued walking sideways, his back to the bar. When his foot bumped into something on the floor, he stopped. Knelt down and reached out his hand, groping blindly in the dark.

It was a leg.

Someone lying on the floor.

Coffin’s hands moved up the leg, stopped when he got to the knee. Time to switch on the torch feature on his mobile again. He’d be sending out a beacon to all the vampires who might be surrounding him at this moment, but he had to risk it. Just a brief flicker of light, find out who exactly was lying on the floor.

Coffin dug his mobile out of his pocket, activated it, and flicked on the torch feature. The light hurt his eyes for a second or two, but when he could see properly, he forgot all about switching it off again.

Joe Coffin Season Two

The Plot

Joe Coffin is searching for his missing son. Emma Wylde is in deep with The Slaughterhouse Mob.
But with the vampire threat growing, Joe and Emma are in more danger than they realise.

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