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Just a real quick post today to let you know that I have slashed the cover price of Joe Coffin, Season One, to 99c/99p. That’s a whopping 60% cut in the price.

Or, to put it another way (because, you know, why say something once when you can say it lots of times?) that’s LESS THAN HALF PRICE!

Yes, I konw, I shouted there. I couldn’t help it, I’m excited.

I mean, come on people! What can you buy these days for less than a British Pound, or an American Dollar?

Not a whole hell of a lot, I can tell you.

But for the next few days, yes you can! Joe Coffin, Season One is over four hundred pages of vampire mayhem, sex, action, violence, adventure, suspense, quickfire dialogue and maybe even some romance. (Just, like, maybe.)

Or, if that deal isn’t good enough for you, you can always sign up to my VIP subscriber list, and get the whole darn thing for FREE!

(Don’t ever tell me I’m not good to you.)

But if you do insist on buying it from Amazon, just follow the link. But be quick, because Joe Coffin, Season One is going back up to full price on Wednesday 9th December.

And you don’t want to miss out on a deal like that, now, do you?

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