Would you gamble with the Devil, when the price is your soul itself?

London, 1714, and tragedy has struck for Abigail Rose. With her sister, and the mysterious young adventurer, Cornelius Wilde, she is sent to Nassau by her uncle. En route she is plunged into a dark, terrible adventure, where the price for her heart’s desire may be her soul itself.

Exciting, colourful and full of larger than life characters, The Devil and Edward Teach takes you on a seafaring voyage to the doors of Hell, as the notorious pirate Blackbeard meets his ultimate adversary.

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"At its heart, this book is an adventure, a ripping yarn of the old school."


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Planet of the Dinosaurs 1: Project Wormhole

Caught in a freak thunderstorm, three teenagers are thrown together in a world that might still look familiar, but is now home to hordes of rampaging dinosaurs.

Starting with Book One: Project Wormhole, Planet of the Dinosaurs is a new YA series, imagining what life might be like if dinosaurs returned today, right now!

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"If "Jurassic Park" moved to Birmingham, England, and then was thrown a couple of decades into the future a la "Planet of the Apes", we would have an adventure story such as Project Wormhole, a young adult time travel story from the writing talent that is Ken Preston."

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"I cannot wait to see what happens to these kids next."


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"Great action from the first chapter."

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Caxton Tempest at the End of the World

Who is Caxton Tempest?

There are certain people intent on finding the answer to that question.

Perhaps they could ask his friend Johnny Chen, loyal companion and master of the martial arts.

Or maybe Denver McCade, gun toting cowgirl on the run in London’s opium dens as she tries to escape her own personal demons.

They could try asking Murmur, once a king in Hell but now the owner of a shabby shop of the occult in London’s East End.

Then there’s Inspector Arthur C Behrends, of London’s police force who has his hands full with a string of grisly murders.

Or Zedekiah Kralik, but what’s his connection to Denver and why is he so intent on gathering together the fragments of the Sigil of Semjaza?

They could ask Billy Rackitt, escaped convict who has discovered another London beneath the London he knows so well.

Or maybe they could just ask Jim Kerrigan.

Orphan, street urchin, thrust into the dark and dangerous world of Caxton Tempest, Jim may come to find out more about his rescuer than he would like.

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