Nuns on the Run – The Greatest Movie Ever Made?

I took Thing One and Thing Two to see Jaws last Sunday. They’ve both seen it before, of course, on DVD. And I have seen it so many times I have lost count, but we’re easily talking three figure [...]


Last Sunday the Zombie Apocalypse Arrived

Last Sunday afternoon, Zombies invaded my hometown of Stourbridge. To be fair, there had been a few weeks’ worth of warning. Posters had been up in our local quirky, coolest venue in town, [...]


I Love Writing. I Hate Writing.

I love writing. I hate writing. Does that make sense? (If it does, you’re a cleverer person than I am.) Starting work on a new novel is an exciting time for an author. There is a whole universe [...]


Three Strategies I Have Used to Combat Depression

I haven’t wanted to write a blog post for this Sunday. I’ve been putting it off all week. A friend of mine died on the 29th September, just over a week ago now. For the first couple of days I was [...]


I Lost a Dear Friend on Friday

On a Thursday morning in late July 1964, the author Harry Crews was sleeping late. He was awoken by the sound of his wife screaming. He scrambled out of bed and found her at the front door, [...]